How To Use a Come-Along?

A come-along is an important part of a handyman’s tool kit. However, it also serves several benefits for different purposes. 

The name itself is very suggestive, though. You can call it to come-along because you can carry it along for all your needs. 

It is a hand winch that has two parts. Come along has a body and liver arm. It also has a ratchet to pull the objects. 

If you want to lift things, use this come-along. Installing a winch in your vehicle will help you solve all your handyman needs. If you want to install things, the ratchet can be used. Plus, it not only adds things, but it can also easily disassemble a part.

The best thing about these is that they can cater to different needs without actually being installed. So let’s see how to use a come-along?

How To Use a Come-Along?

A come-along has two ends where one is the fixed end the other is the running end. Generally, the running end is used to hold or lift or uninstall things. 

Here, we will see how to lift a load as this takes the most effort and is tricky.

First of all, you will have to release the cable. Then, attach the load to the running side of the cable and the handle of the pocket to ensure that it gets stuck perfectly. Then, anchor it before moving the winch. At this point, stop the trigger and engage the ratchet.

Now, secure the load and swing the lever to the side to raise the handle. Repeat the step to make the cable susceptible to holding the load, so it doesn’t fall out. 

Then you have to release the trigger and pull back to release the load and keep it where you want to.

Precautions To Take While Using a Come Along

Now, you know how come-along works, but there are certain things that you need to keep in mind while you are handling a winch or a come-along.  Knowing how it works is just a part. But before you use it, take care of certain things.

  • Do not wear loose clothing if you are working with a come-along.
  • Applying extra force will just drain your energy faster. It won’t make the process easier, but instead, you can risk getting injured. So, apply a moderate process depending upon the item you are dealing with.
  • Always keep safety in mind. If you don’t know how to handle a come-along, call an expert. A few bucks aren’t worth hospital bills! So, shed that money on a professional and secure your health.
  • Sometimes you want to get all the work done with the same piece, but the rated capacity is there for a reason. No, it’s not to make you buy the products for their profit, but rather to ensure your safety. So please follow that.
  • This one is important! Ensure hooks are close to the safety latch as it is observed that most people tend to forget to check these. And this, in turn, can cause major problems which you don’t want to deal with.


So, how to use a come-along? A good question. It solves all your responsibilities. Ok, maybe not all but most of them. This should be an essential part of a repair kit. And there is no discussion there; just add it to your toolkit if you already don’t have one. 

If you have a come-along, then knowing how it works is a must too. You can’t experiment with this kind of thing as it can even kill you! No, literally. Your carelessness can take away your life. So please check the module along with it. 

And watch the video included and to know more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a come-along do?

It can be used for a lot of things ranging from lifting to latching to switching objects. This is a gift for multipurpose benefits. But, like all other things, this too has its limits. 

This thing is also known as a hand puller or cable puller. Initially, it was used to run cables but has many diversified uses. For example, it can be used to lift a block, pull a cable, and for various other things.

What does concrete come-along mean?

As its name suggests, this is used for pulling concrete bars. However, especially while shopping for concrete, people use this to carry the former.

This has a long handle to make transportation easier and is lightweight. Simultaneously, it is thick enough to be able to carry concrete for long distances.

This is very popular as it comes in handy while carrying heavy concrete. It should be like that as it helps sure enough.

How long is the cable on a come-along?

It is 12 feet long, 3:16 feet in diameter, and 15:1 in leverage for most products. But it still can vary considerably depending on the brand and the type.

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