How To Lock A Bedroom Door From The Outside Without A Key

A strange predicament could arise when you do not have the keys to your door and do not even know how to lock a bedroom four from the outside without a key. Unfortunately, most of the time, you suffer from such types of situations.  

It might look very tough to lock the door without a key. But if you are aware of some easy and quick strategies, you could do it in a few seconds. In this article, you will get some options for locking a bedroom from the outside with any key.  

How To Lock A Bedroom Door From The Outside Without A Key

There are numerous conditions when you are required to lock your door without a key. For example, you do so just to protect your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or other staff, or sometimes you just lock the main door, but you also require a key for this.  

When you go on vacation, you are required to lock your house with security. For the past few years, I have attempted various strategies; hence I am a little aware of the strategies which work. 

Without wasting time, let us discuss some of the strategies which can solve your door locking problem promptly and effortlessly.

1. You could make use of a wedge for locking the door 

2. You could make use of a fork for locking the door 

3. Very easy you could also place a chair under the handle of the door 

4. You could also make use of a for locking the door 

How Can A Piece Of Thin Wire Lock The Door

  • First of all, you must attach a piece of thin wire to the piece on the handle.
  • Now, it comes to rapping the whole handle with the help of a wire. 
  • Rap a layer of tape on the wire for securing it. 
  • When you go out of your bedroom, you will recognize a wire hooked at the door top. What you have to do now is to safeguard that hook with a knot. 
  • Finally, you are done. Now you can check if the door of your bedroom is locked or not. 

Use Of A Fork To Lock The Door

  • First of all, you are required to open your bedroom door; then it comes to hooking the fork’s head into the hole of the strike plate.
  • Then just close the door.  
  • Then you are required to glide the fork’s handle somewhere inside the teeth of the fork. So you would recognize. Finally, your door is locked.  

Lock Your Door With A Wedge

  • Locking your door with the help of a wedge is considered to be one of the easiest strategies. It does not even take much time, and you would only require a few minutes to lock. 
  • For this, firstly,  you are required to specify the shape of the wedge. Then put a small piece of cardboard into the wedge. 
  • Finally, you are done! You could now glide the stopper of the door underside to close the door.  

Locking The Bedroom Door Secretly

  • For this strategy, you are first required to place a coin on the door’s strike plate.
  • Now, it comes to rapping the tape over it tightly. By this, you would be able to hold the door’s handle at an open angle, which would enable you to open and close the door without twisting the knob. 
  • It would also avoid unnecessary locking of the door. 


In this article, you would have come to know various strategies for locking your door without a key.  I hope you have learned very easy and time-saving strategies from this article, and all your doubts regarding how to lock a bedroom door from the outside without a key are cleared. 

And hope you also enjoyed reading this article. Now, the time has come to apply the above-discussed strategies. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Lock My Bedroom Door From The Outside?

The easy and nicest technique of locking your door from the outside is just to have a lock. Now you can put any kind of lock on the outer side of the door, which could be a bolt lock, an old-fashioned portable lock, or some other lock. 

The most interesting fact of putting a bolt lock is if you are inside the bedroom, still you can lock the door from outside.  This could be done by utilizing a kind of nifty knot and loop skill. 

How To Lock A Door With The Help Of A Strike Plate?

A common door chain and a strike plate both are very identical to each other.  A strike plate is considered to be more durable and stronger in comparison to a common door chain. It is extremely easy to utilize, and you are only required to put the part of the ring on the door’s handle to prevent any stranger from visiting. There is no requirement of any other lock for installing a strike plate on the door. If in case the door is a deadbolt, you get safety.

Why Is It Considered Bad To Lock The Door From Outside?

It would be a wondering situation. But it is indeed considered to be a bad idea to lock the door from outside. There arise some emergency problems sometimes which can make you in trouble. There could something happen which could be something serious. 

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