How To Fix A Stripped Screw Hole In Metal Door?

It becomes very irritating when you see your metal door has a stripped screw hole. This article will get you various methods to fix a stripped screw hole in the metal door. You can drill out the screw with the help of a bigger drill bit. This would be one of the greatest ways to deal with a stripped screw hole. In this article, you will come to know how to fix a stripped screw hole in metal door.

How To Fix A Stripped Screw Hole In Metal Door?

One of the best techniques for fixing a stripped screw hole is drilling another hole. In this technique, you would be required to use a driller to drill another hole gently in the hole that is already stripped screw. 

Once you are done with the drilling part, the turn comes to check whether the screwdriver fits into the hole. If you fail to fit the screwdriver into the hole, you must go on with the drilling part again. You are just required to see whether the screwdriver is tightened adequately into the hole or not, just to have a nice grip. 

Nonetheless, it is not necessary that this technique would work; there could be some possibilities when it fails. If you recognize the same, you are advised not to proceed with drilling the hole into the stripped screw because you may even drill too deeply, which could damage the metal door. Now it comes to another technique, which is utilizing the hammer. 

Through this technique, you would attain a screwdriver with a strong grip on the stripped screw, not loosened. Yet, this technique does not warrant success. Most importantly, you should be very cautious while tapping on the screwdriver, do not use much force to tap because it could result in damage to your metal door. 

What Are The Reasons Of Stripped Screw

  • The utilization of inappropriate types of equipment for drilling is considered the biggest cause of stripped screws. 
  • You will not face any kind of difficulty if you utilize an adequate screwdriver to loosen the screw. 
  • Now let us come to another reason which is nothing but over-tightening of screws. Sometimes, you proceed with tightening the screw even if your screw is already tightened properly. The most important point is to avoid over-tightening the screws.  

Alternative Techniques For Fixing A Stripped Screw Hole Into The Door Of Metal

  • If you have a painted metal door, you should first smoothen the area to repaint.
  • You could also replace the old screw with the new ones, but this time if you utilize the brass or some stainless steel screws, it would be better because these metals would help the screws prevent them from corrosion.

How To Deal With A Too Big Screw Hole?

  • There would be a requirement of drilling out of screw if the hole is extremely big. 
  • The same strategy could also be used for the metal doors with stripped screw holes if you utilize a large drill bit
  • You are advised to be careful while drilling the holes so that again it does seem bigger. 

Prevention Of Stripped Screw Hole

  • Firstly, be very careful while choosing the screws. Only use those screws which would be appropriate for the hole. The screw should not be too long and not be too short.
  • It is always recommended to grease your metal screws with some oil. This should be done before putting your screws inside their holes so that you can prevent your screws from corrosion. Also, avoid putting too much force to tighten the screws.


You would find the stripped screw holes in every house because we all make errors. Therefore, fixing stripped screw holes has become a very common DIY activity. Still, the problems only arise when you do not use the right equipment and the right methods. 

You should be very careful while tightening and loosening the screws with the right techniques and tools to avoid stripping at the very initial place. Hope after reading this article, and all your doubts are clear regarding how to fix a stripped screw hole in a metal door.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Apply Safety Tape?

You are always advised to cut a suitable length of safety tape while applying. Rap it all over the drill bit with sufficient overlaying onto the screwdriver you would be utilizing. This would help in preventing the entry of anything which would destroy the types of equipment.

How To Measure The Hole Diameter?

The part of the screw that goes inside the hole is considered the hole diameter of the screw. 

How To Measure The Hole Depth?

When it comes to the measurement of depth, it is also messed same as the diameter. So you are only required to see the screw’s height inside the hole; that would be the hole depth.

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