How to Cool a Garage with No Windows?

Ever visited the equatorial region? If not, you can have that feeling inside your garage if it’s windowless. But, thankfully, there are ways to tackle it. Yup, it’s easy to do so. You can see a range of solutions for this specific problem. Then, all you need to do is just continue reading.

How to Cool a Garage With No Windows?

It isn’t as much rocket science as you think it is. For example, knowing how to cool garages with no windows is pretty easy. And so is installing it. But, before that, you need to know if you will need a permanent solution or can go with a temporary one for now.  

So, how do you identify if you need a permanent solution or a temporary one? Well, there are two ways to decide this. First is the usage frequency, and the other is how much you can afford to get this done. So, say, if you have a small garage that you use only as a storehouse, you probably won’t need a permanent solution. But, on the other hand, if you use your garage frequently for many purposes, it’s always a good idea to get a solution to keep it cool permanently. 

Now, money is the other factor. If you can afford to get a permanent solution and you want to do it even if you have a small garage, by all means, you are free to do so. But, I recommend that it’s not needed. 

Now, we will proceed to see the solutions. You can either use a fan, an AC or simply just open the garage door. Plus, you can get your garage insulated. Let’s discuss all these in detail.

5 Ways to Cool Your Garage With No Windows

You don’t need to hustle a lot to cool down a garage. It’s a child-play!  Believe me, it is! Being that said, it is that easy only if you use your brain. See, you know better what will suit you or what won’t. This blog is just to help you and inform you about certain options you may not be clear about. See a few here.

  • Use a fan – You can use a fan to blow fresh air into the garage. It will help for better air circulation and hence cool down the area. This is the first tip as it works for both permanent and temporary solution seekers.
  •  Doors – Wondering if you’re better off with a closed-door or an open one?  Well, it depends on the situation. For example, if your door faces the sun directly, then you should just leave it closed. But, if the area is shady, then surely go ahead and open it.
  • Insulation – This one is a pretty big deal, right? How about no? It isn’t worth how much you think. You don’t need experts to do it and shed your hard-earned money. Rather, just buy an insulation sheet.
  • Connect with your house’s airflow – Yup, that’s right. Connect it to your home air circulation system to get the benefits.
  • Paint with cool shades – Some colors trap heat, while some have a cooler vibe. See here to understand more.
  • Use a dehumidifier – Humidity is your wary. Try to keep your garage as dry as possible to keep it cool.


How to cool a garage with no windows?  

I get it; nobody wants a hot box in their possession, so hot that they can’t even use it. So, it’s natural to ask the above question. 

Fortunately, there are many ways to do so. And by now, you know them too. So, you can either use an Ac or a fan. Even a cooler is a pretty legit option. Besides, if you’re looking for a permanent option, go for insulation sheets. And closing or opening doors is an easy one. 


How do I cool my garage in the summer?

A garage can become pretty hot with windows and if it doesn’t have one then it is going to be a hot mess. If your garage is not just a storehouse but also your workplace or place where you like spending time alone, it becomes extra crucial that it is bearable to sit in there.

You should mount the garage door an inch above the ground. It will make sure that air can enter your garage even though the remains are closed. This has dual benefits as it will prevent the sunlight from entering the room but allow the air. Please make sure to open the windows if you can. This will help the air circulation go properly, creating a cross-connection for the breeze to flow.

Also, decluttering can help a lot. However, having a lot of unnecessary things will only increase the temperature in your garage and will likely increase your headache while cleaning.  So, remove all the extra useless items.

What are some cheap options to cool your garage?

You can use fans, coolers, and other items to cool your garage for cheap.

You should insert one more thing to make the temperature inside your garage lower: never park your cars directly after coming home. Instead, leave them outside,  aside for some time to cool down, and then park them.

Besides, you should use light color shades in a garage that don’t deserve much heat. Black is a big no.

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