How To Charge A Cordless Drill Without The Charger?

Cordless drills are versatile power tools that may be used for a variety of DIY projects. The battery and charger are the lifeblood of cordless drills. You are not linked to the main power source via a cable. 

As a result, if the power supply or charger malfunctions, you may be unable to operate the drill. In this article, you will get to know how to charge a cordless drill without the charger.

How To Charge A Cordless Drill Without The Charger

You are always advised to collect some pieces of equipment before starting charging the cordless drill battery without any charger. Connectors are the first thing you’ll need. Make sure you have the necessary electrical connections to attach your batteries. Wire pieces can also be used as connectors. 

However, you must ensure that these adhere to the ends of the batteries. Now, it comes to collecting a few batteries. However, do you know how many batteries you’ll require? The answer to that query is dependent on the voltage of your drill battery. You’ll need to conduct some math to figure out the battery number.

Making a charger is another option for charging a cordless wire. This method necessitates a great deal of math and physical labor. This procedure necessitates the cutting down of trees. Furthermore, you must perform some complex electrical tasks. A step-down transformer must be built. 

This converts high-voltage AC to low-voltage, high-current DC. If you wish to learn more about this extremely complicated process, there are various online lessons available. 

After reading the whole article, if you watch some videos related to this, it would be extremely beneficial and susceptible for you to understand the whole process. However, even after watching the video tutorials, we recommend that you seek assistance from an electrical engineer. This is because this procedure is not without its drawbacks.

Electrical Tape

  • Electrical tape, often known as insulating tape, is quite easy to come by; short rolls of electrical tape may be purchased at any DIY or electrical store. 
  • This tape isn’t required; however, it will assist in keeping the charging unit together. 

Don’t Let The Battery Charge Go Too Low

  • It’s tempting to attempt to squeeze every last ounce of power out of your battery. This, however, can be harmful. 
  • You can harm the poles and limit the life of the unit if you empty the battery.

How Can You Keep The Cordless Drill And Batteries

  • Many people leave their power drills and batteries outside in inclement weather. They, therefore, start thinking as to why the item has stopped operating, or the battery has failed to charge. 
  • Batteries should be kept out of direct sunlight and kept at room temperature. 
  • Most importantly, it is always recommended to keep the drill, charger, and battery pack away from any kind of moisture-prone areas.

Prevent The Batteries From The Refrigerator

  • It is always advised not to keep the batteries in refrigerators or any kind of freezer. 
  • Condensation will form on the batteries due to the humid climate. As a result, rust or other problems will occur. 
  • At all times, avoid exposing batteries to excessive temperatures.


If you face any situation in which you have to charge a cordless drill without a charger, this article will help you overcome this. First, you have to gather some materials for charging a cordless drill. Instead of this, you can also make a charger. Hope this article helped you to know how to charge a cordless drill without the charger.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Possible To Charge A Lithium Battery With A Standard Charger?

Lithium batteries have more voltage barely in comparison to the lead-acid batteries of comparative specifications. Therefore, a constant flow of current is required to charge a lithium battery until the battery is not charged completely.

There is no trickle charge and no float in a lithium battery charger. For ‘rapid charging,’ lithium battery chargers are ideal. They can provide a quick charge of current until the battery is nearly entirely charged, then lessen the charge provided to the battery when the battery gets close to being fully charged.

Can A Car Battery Charge A Cordless Drill Battery?

Using a car battery is considered to be a wonderful technique to charge a cordless drill battery. You won’t have to worry about charging your car battery because your alternator will do it for you while you drive. A 36-month warranty is included. 

Connect the drill battery terminals to the automobile battery terminals, and you’re done. Positively, link with other positives, and negatively, with other negatives. 

Assure the battery you intend to charge has a 12V rating and that your automobile battery has a 12V rating as well.

What’s The Deal With My Smoking Cordless Drill Battery?

Be cautious if you have a smoldering drill battery. Fire danger is a battery that has overheated or shorted out. In addition, you should keep the drill and battery away from any combustible materials. 

It’s not typical for fresh batteries to short out and start smoking, but it can happen – especially if they’ve been kept incorrectly or have been exposed to moisture. 

If you come across a battery with a weird odor or overheating, safely dispose of or recycle the battery and go on to something else. 

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