How Much Weight Can a Floating Shelf Hold?

Are you building a new home? Or getting a renovation done in your old house? Chances are, if you’re doing any of the above, you may consider a floating shelf instead of a regular one. Well, why not? These are great! They can even be installed in places having very little space and still look pretty decent. Plus, you can cling them onto anything. 

Floating shelves add extra spice to your bland decor. They can make your house look sophisticated and classy. But, still, you need them to be to keep things in them. So, it is essential to know how much weight can a floating shelf hold? Anywhere from 30-75 pounds. Yeah, such a large bracket! Because it depends on various things and can’t be measured solely based on one factor.

How Much Weight Can a Floating Shelf Hold?

How much weight can a floating shelf hold? This also depends on what the floating shelf is going to hold. Will the individual objects be heavier? Will they have more density? Can they be fitted into groups? Apart from these, it also depends on the quality of wood you are using. Some types can hold large weights, while some do not. 

The standard wood types being used are pine, walnut, plywood, oak, and others. Pinewood is most popular in North America, at least in some parts, while walnut is a phenomenal type used almost everywhere. Even its raw look is better than the most finished pieces of other types of wood. And this makes it slightly expensive. 

Besides the type of wood, the amount of weight the floating shelf can hold also depends on its hung. Plus, the quality of the material which it hangs on to also matters a lot. 

Let’s see what should be considered while installing a floating shelf to allow it to hold maximum weight as much as possible.

What to Consider While Installing a Floating Shelf?

You should keep in mind these things when you are installing a floating shelf to take maximum benefit from it. 

  • It’s always better to know what to keep before installing- If you know how much weight you will save on your floating shelf, it will help you make it properly. In addition, you can predict the dimensions of the frame and make it much more reliable.
  • Don’t install it too profoundly: Often, people think that if we install shelves too deep, they can be rooted. Hence, they will become much more robust and can hold more weight. But, this is in the case with the floating ones. It is the exact opposite. The deeper you install a self, the less amount of weight it will be able to hold. For kitchen shelves, it can be 12 ft deep and 10 or 9 for others. So install it only at a depth so that it can sustain and not fall out.
  • Use a proper bracket: Use brackets that are synchronous with your shelf size. Again, you can check it with the professional to know better. 
  • More rods and studs: how much weight can a floating shelf hold? It depends! But to increase the amount, add rods and studs to your frame.
  • Material of shelf: As mentioned before, the amount of weight your shell can hold also depends majorly on what it is made up of. Generally, it can hold much more weight.
  • Type of the wall: In general, solid walls can hold much more weight than drywalls. But, you won’t need to use it if you need it for holding just delicate items.


Floating shelves are the new normal. You can use it for kitchen shelves, for bookshelves and much more than that. But the question arises how much weight can a floating shelf hold? And by now, you know that the answer depends on various factors. 

The amount depends on what type of material the shelf is made up of and what it is exactly going to hold. Plus, it also depends on where it is installed. For example, is the wall drywall or a solid one? Solid walls will carry more weight than dry ones. Plus, the number of rods and studs you install into your shelf will also have a say in how much weight it will be able to hold.


How much weight can an IKEA floating shelf hold?

IKEA shelves have a great design, and these can make a great addition to any home and change the whole atmosphere. Installing the shelves gives a pleasant aesthetic look to your surface area. But are they good at handling weight too? If not, why will people consider them? After all, their primary function is to support and hold weight and not just to look presentable! Flower vases for that! 

Surprisingly, IKEA shelves can hold a large amount of weight. If you install an IKEA shelf on a solid wall, they can hold up to 10 to 12 pounds. And some people suggest that the maximum weight that can hold is 25 -26 pounds approximately. You will not put this much load on the shelf because the test was just for a short period. But, you will keep the substances on your shelf for long periods. So, go for the recommended 10 to 12 pounds. If you need, you may even exceed up to 15 but don’t go beyond that limit.

Can floating shelves hold books?

Yes, they can. But this doesn’t mean that you will keep 15 heavy books on your shelf and expect it to hold all that amount without falling or breaking. That won’t happen! It will break. But, yes, you can keep a minimum load of books on it properly without damaging the books or the shelf.

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