How to Change Blade on a Dewalt Miter Saw?

Woodworking experts know the importance of a Dewalt. You will want to work with this brand to make your daily chores more accessible, especially wood cutting. Of course, you can get it at reasonable prices too. But, what is the benefit if you don’t know how to change the blade on a Dewalt miter saw?

But, it isn’t a daunting task. Working with a Dewalt Miter saw is effortless and changing the blade is easy too.

How to Change Blade on a Dewalt Miter Saw?

You will need to know a few things before changing your miter saw blade. The first thing which comes to your mind must be why the hassle of changing blades takes? Then, first, we should know why you should change your miter saw blade. 

Before learning how to change the blade on a Dewalt Miter Saw, you should know why to do so? You will need to change your blades in the following situations. Either your blade has become too blunt to cut, or it has been damaged. Apart from that, it may have gone rusty or sawed. Keep in mind the jigsaws can’t cut straight but rather leave curves.

Now, you know why to change the blade on your Dewalt Miter saw; you should also know when to do it. For example, you should change your blade when you need to apply excessive force, or you can’t wood precisely even after using the saw. Then, another situation may be that your blade has worn out. Again, you should see signs that you can easily observe to know when to change your blade.

Precautions to Take While Changing Your Dewalt Miter Saw

Before changing your Demat Miter saw blade, you should take into account the following precautions. These are important to follow as these can be fatal sometimes; if not appropriately followed, exchanging birds requires careful, responsible behavior.

  • Always turn your saw off before changing the blades. You don’t want to enjoy your hand while doing so! Do not forget to switch it off.
  • Wear a glove to protect your hands further. You might not think it’s essential, but please wear one. Sometimes accidents do occur even if you are extremely careful.
  • Press the blade firmly with an object to make sure it stays at a place.
  • Then, fasten the screw properly.

Steps to Change Blade on Your Demat Miter Saw

Not that you know that you have to change your blade, you should do it precisely. Keep in mind the different glands function correctly for other materials. So please check it out in your user manual before changing the blade. I recommend you be in your manual at least once before changing the blades to avoid confusion or mishaps.

Now, assume that you will follow my advice. So let’s get to the steps.

  • First of all, disconnect the Miter saw plug. Then, start working.
  • After that, you will need to press the spindle lock and loosen the bolt.
  • Then, remove the Miter saw blade.
  • See if other parts are ok or not. If everything seems alright, then go ahead and install the new miter saw. 
  • Finally, press the spindle lock and tighten the bolt.


How to change the blade on a Dewalt Miter saw? Now, you know that you can do that in just a few quick steps. However, you also understand that before changing the blades, you should know why to do so. 

You will need to change your blades in case they have gone wrong or damaged or rust. You can figure out that you need to change your blades when you can’t cut objects even after applying extra pressure or when you need to use too much pressure for missing things.


How to lose the screw on the miter blade?

This way may vary according to your brand and model. 

But, here is a general way to do so. First of all, pull the guard back. Now, you can see the bolt right behind it. But, to loosen it, you will need to revolve it in the opposite direction, and then, your screw will slowly come out.

Remember that for miter blades, the screw revolves clockwise, so the teeth must point outside.

Why does my circular blade stop spinning?

There might be a lot of reasons for this. But, the most common one is that it didn’t fit properly with the workpiece. Other than that, your blade may have become dull, and this also happens extremely frequently. Plus, it may be a case of low battery, power cable, or motor cable issues.

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