Where To Hide A Key In An Apartment Building

To be safe, keep your backup keys hidden in an unexpected location in your home. Nobody likes outspending their whole night outside the house just because you have lost your door keys. This is the only reason why maximum people ask where to hide their door keys. 

This article would tell you some places to hide keys without anyone noticing. It is very important to check whether someone sees you while you are hiding your keys. In this article, you will learn where to hide a key in an apartment building.

Where To Hide A Key In An Apartment Building

When you can’t find anybody to stand in for you after work, hiding a key outside the door can be a useful option to get into the property. However, simply concealing the key is insufficient. You must also ensure that no one else has access to it. This situation generally arises when you are living in a place with regular visitors. 

The clock safe is secured with a lock and key, making it difficult to open. Instead, hang them on your apartment corridor after they’ve been securely closed. Furthermore, if your apartment has portraits or wall hangings throughout the halls, you can use them to hide a spare key behind it.

A key safe is a secure metal lock box where you can keep one or more keys to your home. Although the safe is mounted on the wall directly in front of your door, it is a very secure and appropriate location to conceal a key in an apartment complex. 

There are various levels of security available on the market, depending on the sort of security in your apartment complex. You may always establish a passcode to open the safe once it’s been installed. Hence, it is always advised to make some changes to your password immediately just to ensure safety.

Smart Locks

  • Smart Locks and key safes can be purchased with a spare key hidden inside. 
  • Some smart locks may be operated via an app on your phone and are connected to video doorbells and security systems. 
  • You’ll have complete control over who and when enters your residence.

Key Safes

  • Key safes are small lockboxes that require a numerical code to unlock. 
  • Because the safe requires a code to access, you can conceal it near your door or attach it to the exterior. Just remember to scramble the digits once you’ve entered your code. 
  • Key safes are an excellent method to keep track of spare keys while also providing peace of mind.


  • If you’ve ever wondered where to put a spare key outside, windchimes as decorations are a creative concept that burglars in a hurry won’t notice. 
  • Even if they do, the noise made by someone attempting to remove the key from the wind chime will alert.

Electrical Plug Wall Safe

  • Electrical plug wall safe imitates an electrical outlet and, once placed, can be spun to reveal a hidden chamber where items can be hidden. 
  • This secret compartment is ideal for concealing an extra key. 
  • The outlet is simple to install and takes only a few minutes to complete, making it the ideal hideaway in your apartment building.


Make very sure you’re not too obvious when looking for places to hide your spare components. Don’t forget to switch up your hiding spot now and again. To come up with innovative ways to hide your spare key, you’ll need a little imagination. After reading this article, I am damn sure you would also find a safe place to hide your door keys.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do Burglars Look For Hidden Keys?

Your apartment’s main door is generally considered to be the safest and first place to hide the door keys. However, there are many safe places where you can hide, such as the doormat, in the flower pot, in the window beside the door and many other places.

Maximum people hide their door keys at the main door only, but the thieves are aware of that place. If you do this, then you are making the work of thieves easier to enter your house. And burglars can easily find the key and unlock the door.

What Would Be The Nicest Spot To Hide The Keys Of Car At Night?

Maximum people just like their keys not hide, they just keep it near the door for short and go to their work. But you should know that this strategy would not always work to hide your car keys at night. Thieves can also be used as an alarm system; hitting the panic button activates your car’s horn, alerting everyone in the neighborhood that you have difficulty at home. Just ensure your nightstand isn’t too close to a window or entrance where the signal can escape.

Can Magnets Ruin Automobile Keys?

Magnets are quite unlikely to damage your automobile keys. This is because magnets normally only affect electronics that can store data. Most automobile keys include transmitters that send a small signal to the car, along with a unique identification code, allowing you to open it or start it up. 

Because they wouldn’t need to store data, ordinary magnets shouldn’t bother them. Although car key fobs appear to be more vulnerable, they are not susceptible to damage from ordinary magnets. Strong magnets should not be rubbed against your keys, but they should be fine in most cases.

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