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While creating a wooden piece at your house, the biggest challenge is cutting the wood. The intricate shapes, linings, details need to be followed to create the finest piece. So, we looked in the market and found out the best-suited product for you.

This Triton Router  review will help you out with all the resources you require to cut and adjust those pieces.

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While there are numerous routers in the market, we chose this one due to its features and negligible drawbacks. This router helps you to manage the wooden pieces like a pro. You do not require extra effort to set up this router. 

Also, this equipment is set for personal use, but it can be used for huge purposes. The special feature, which makes it stand out in the market is the plunge, which allows it to fix easily and maintain stability while the action is performed. 

  • Complex mechanism and easy to handle.
  • Does not require additional tools for its functioning.
  • Sturdy design and fits to all the areas.
  • The best option for intricate details and smooth functioning.
  • The best tool for DIY enthusiasts.
  • Dual-technology for more excellent options.
  • Assurance by Triton has been serving this field for ages.
  • Heavyweight.
  • It lacks the precision of an external lift.


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Brand name: Triton

Horse power: 2.25

Weight: 10.45 pounds

Style: 2HP Plunger router

Voltage: 240 volts

Wattage: 1400 watts

Plunge range: 0 – 2-5/16” 

Dimensions: 10.2 x 12.9 x 11.4 inches



This Triton Router review lists the following features offered:

Soft start system: It eliminates the kickback at the starting itself.

Plunge mode: The micro winder allows the continuous fine depth adjustment in the full plunge mode.

Easy reading scales: the 3-stage turret helps on direct reading scaled for pre-set cut depths.

Adjustment: The rack and pinion adjustment can be switched in a fixed-base with just one button.

Ease of use: For effortless bit changes, a built-in router lift has been provided.

Performance: Side air vents reduce the dust intake into the motor casings and maintain smooth operation. The dust extraction is made easy with the fully enclosed guard. 


The Triton Router can be used to carve wooden pieces into various shapes and sizes. The additional tools and blades allow you to cut the pieces with fine details. To cut a circle, you can fix the router and make a circle. 

The horizontal/lateral cutting is comparatively easier than any other router. Also, carving a shape in the wood is a smooth play. It might be heavy, but it is not difficult to operate upon. You can easily move it through the wooden slot for smoothening the surface. 

The pieces of equipment are easy to assemble. The dual-mode allows it to be changed from a smart plunge mode to a conventional plunge mode. It has a useful dirt post. Additionally, it comes with a 3-year warranty. 

You can build a fence, table, chair, or a house for your dog using this router. Although basic care is required to handle this equipment, the using method is no rocket science. The whole box contains 1 table height winder, a collet ½’’, a collet wrench, and a multi-function fence.


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This 1400W 2-1/4 Triton Router offers a horsepower of 2.25. the voltage and wattage indulged in its operation are 240 volts and 144 watts, respectively. It comes with a safety power switch which can be used as per convenience. 

The maximum no-load speed ranges from 8,000 to 21,000 RPM. The 15-amp motor proves itself as one of the most significant routers in the market.


To ensure safety, an automatic spindle lock has been provided. The cut zone is equipped with maximum protection through the fully enclosed guard. To prevent power on, a safety switch shutter has been provided.


What is the largest bit that can be used?

It can handle ½’’ and ¼’’ shank bits. 

Does this router come with a fence?

Yes, it comes with a guide that fits on the bottom plate. 

Where is the power switch located?

It is located behind the shutter on the left side of the router. 

Can it run through a 15-amp switchboard?

It can if it is the only equipment attached to the whole socket.


With the great features, Triton Router offers, we recommend you to try it for sure. The minor cons might be a disturbance for you, but the warranty can handle it pretty well. This Triton Router review has distinguished its features properly and given every point to prove why this product is a perfect match for you. So, buy it and modify all your issues into an artwork!


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