How to Round Wood Corners by Hand?

Having a perfect round corner is classy and elegant! But it takes even skilled artisans years to be able to achieve this. So, is it that hard? And most importantly, how to round wood corners by hand? 

Don’t dishearten yourself! You can learn how to round wood corners by hand. And with practice, you will become perfect. Just start! 

Although a router does this pretty quickly, not everyone can buy a router, and the high-quality ones are usually expensive. But, don’t worry, you should be able to do this even if you don’t have a router with little effort.

How to Round Wood Corners by Hand?

Who doesn’t want to get perfectly-shaped furniture pieces? You can achieve this by rounding corners. But, rather than this, you need to round wood corners because of the dangers they possess. Sharp corners can potentially harm your kids and pets, and they can even cause injuries for adults. 

Tell me, have you ever not been injured at least once due to a nail sticking out on a sharp corner of your table or the rough edges of an unfinished furniture piece? Yes, exactly, you have! Nobody wants those pricks. Hence, your best bet is to round the wood corners.

Leaving your furniture wood corners rough can be pretty dangerous. So, how to round wood corners? Well, there are many ways to achieve this perfection. But, here, we will see the method that will work best for us and be cost-effective.  

Yeah, you guessed it right.

How to round wood corners with your hand? You can use various methods, but if you have no access to other tools, then there’s no option left other than using your own hands.

Steps to Round Wood Corners by Hand

Here, we will learn how to round wood corners by hand in a few steps. Before you start working, you will need to arrange all the tools required to have wood board, file, pencil, sandpaper, and any other curve material. After arranging all the tools, make sure you work on a flat surface to achieve the best results. 

Now, let’s see the steps.

Take the wood block which you need to round and place it on a flat surface.

Mark the surfaces on the covers which you want to round by using a pencil.

Hold the block still by keeping some load so that it says still while being worked on. 

Take the sandpaper and start rubbing it linearly along the whole length. Apply extra pressure at the edges and move circularly. Repeat this step a few times.

After reaching close to your desired shape, take the support of your hand, apply pressure to the sandpaper, and simultaneously transfer the force to the wood to mouse it and give it an excellent finish.

Now, you are done with one side. If you want to round both the side edges, then flip the block over. 

After that, start repeating the steps mentioned above. But, this time, take care not to touch the surface behind as you may damage the shape.

Lastly, this is a tip. Don’t frown if you can’t achieve a perfect shape in one go. Most experts take years to learn this skill. Keep practicing, and you will be a pro too.


Rounding wood corners by hand isn’t child play. But it can be if you use the proper techniques. As a hobbyist, you should upgrade your skills and skills necessary for every woodworker to learn to round wood corners. Although doing it with a drill is easy, having a drill is a big task in itself. 

Hence, we need to look for other ways. So, how to round wood corners by hand. To round wood corners by hand, you will need to have some tools like files and sandpaper. You can use these to get them a perfectly round shape.


What tools do you use to round wood edges?

Although you can round wood corners without any tool, it takes too much patience and effort. So, people like using various tools to serve their purpose.

Of course, using a router is the best choice for your woodworking needs. But that doesn’t mean you have limited options; you can use various tools when working with wood. Some of the recommended ones are: 

Chisel: This is the tool you can use with softwood. It can make your work a bit easier and is user-friendly too. You can get good ones at $30 to $20.

Rasps: This is made to work as sandpaper but much more efficient and faster.

Files: You can also use files to correct the angles of your wood and give them an excellent round shape.

How to cut wood perfectly?

The best and easiest way to cut wood is to use saws. You can use these to cut wood easily. Plus, you can also have many other tools like an ax, or knife, and chisel.

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