How to Make Hole in Glass Without a Drill?

Working with glasses requires a lot of effort. And making perfect holes takes much more, even for experts. But, having a perfect finished edge for drinks is crucial. 

But, ever imagined how to make a hole in the glass without a drill? Well, it’s a different level of difficulty. But, the good news is that it is possible.

There are many ways you can do this. We don’t deny that a drill certainly makes it easier to cut holes in glasses. But, if you don’t have it, then the other options are mostly available in a household which can also cut drinks efficiently but may take more time.

How to Make Hole in Glass Without a Drill?

You are a hobbyist who is trying to make some glass pieces on your own. But, a sudden realization struck you that you don’t have a drill. So, what now? Just leave your plan aside. Or think about how to make a hole in the glass without a drill? 

Let’s consider the second option. But, why will you need to use any other things? It may be because you don’t have one, or maybe your drill has gone wrong. In some cases, you may want to explore another method beforehand to prepare yourself for any emergency. (Yeah, the probability is low. But, I know that too!) 

Well, whatever may be the case, you can use a lot of other things like a soldering iron, and glass cutters, and more. See the top 6 things you can use for cutting glass in the next section.

6 Convenient Ways to Make Hole in Glass Without a Drill

Although there are many more ways to make holes in a glass without a drill, we are mentioning only those that will be easily accessible and comfortable to use. See the list below.

Glass Cutter: This is a no-brainer. Is it so difficult to think of it? No, right? Of course, the first thing which will come to your mind will be a glass cutter. The best thing is that it works with almost all types of glasses.

Tapered file and kerosene: This is also an easy way to make holes without a drill. The only con is that it is a bit time-consuming. First, take a file and wet it in kerosene from the end. Then, attach that end to the glass, keep turning it slowly for a couple of minutes. You will observe the hole after some time.

String and kerosene: Take the desired length of rope and soak it in kerosene, then light it. After that, attach it to the part of the glass where you want to make a hole. After some time, you will see that it has developed a spot.

Lighter and duct tape: To make a hole in a glass by using lighter and duct tape, seal the ends of the glass by using duct tape. Then, add water. Afterward, heat the glass by using a lighter. When it becomes reasonably hot, use an iron nail to hit the glass. This will create a hole.

Soldering iron: While not everybody has a soldering iron lying around in the corner of their room, even then, it is a pretty good option to make holes in glass. It is an effective tool for this purpose, and it works best for thicker glasses.


Glass pieces are pretty, but they take a lot of effort to make. And a critical aspect of making glassware is cutting holes in them. Although a drill makes this task easier, not everyone has access to one. So, we are forced to find alternative solutions which work well too. Do we need to figure out how to cut glass without a drill? 

One such solution can be to use readily available things, like kerosene. It is combined with a few other materials that work well for cutting glasses. You can also use duct tape along with a lighter. 

Other options are a soldering iron and a glass cutter, but these two are also not available everywhere.


How to break class by using a soldering iron?

You can break a glass by using a soldering iron. First, make a mark or a line on the glass which you want to cut or break. Then, take a hot soldering iron and hold it for 5 seconds. Then, move it all along the lines. Continue doing this a few times, and you will be able to break your glass.

Is it possible to cut glass with a knife?

Yeah, you can cut glass with a knife. But you will need to be extra careful while doing this. If you have other tools like a drill or a glass cutter, then please don’t get experimental and use a knife to cut the glass. But in case you don’t have other tools available, you may cut the glass with a knife. You will need to take the help of your ruler to set the knife straight to make perfect cuts. 

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