How To Make A Hole Bigger Without A Drill

If you have the relevant equipment, you could use DIY projects, and it becomes very interesting. However, it becomes very difficult and unaffordable to buy the best quality power drill from the nearby stores only for a day or two. Especially when it comes to making the hole bigger, it would be simply a wastage of money. So in this article, you will come to know how to make a hole bigger without a drill.

How To Make A Hole Bigger Without A Drill

There are various methods by which you can make a bigger hole without using any kind of drill; for this, you would require sandpaper, a hand file, or a dowel. Likewise, there are many ways by which you can easily make the size of the hole bigger; some of the tools include a jab saw, dowel, sandpaper, and a hand file. 

For this, first of all, you must make the circle’s size, then it involves the filing. Finally, you are required to keep going on until your hole does not get the adequate size. And then wipe away the dust to continue your project. 

The following is a list of some techniques that would help you make the hole size bigger without utilizing any tools. Of course, it’ll take some arm strength and perseverance, but you’ll get there in the end. 

  • You can use a chisel to chip away the material for a larger hole which depends on the size of the hole. 
  • Now, it comes to making a perpendicular with the help of the chisel.
  • After that, make a cut in the wood with the help of the hammer. 
  • You are required to continue with doing this until you do not notice a circular shape in the wood. 
  • Now, it comes to cutting an angle of 30 degrees from the middle of the circle.
  • As per your comfort, move the chisel around for chipping away more material. 
  • Repeat steps 1–5 until you reach the desired depth. 

Punch Made Of Hollow Metal

  • A metal punch is used to make holes in wood. However, it works best on softwood (and especially thin-soft wood), such as plyboard. 
  • This procedure also works best with a small diameter punch.

Enlargement Of The Existing Hole

  • You would require a reamer for expanding a prevailing hole in the metal. 
  • First, you would require making a hole with the help of utilizing a large drill bit available to you. 
  • Now you would easily be able to make use of a reamer for broadening the hole.

Drilled Hole Vs. Drill Size

  • Usually, the drilled equipment is the only justification for the drilled hole to be larger in comparison to the size of the drill. 
  • Generally, the pieces of equipment that strain effortlessly get holes of big size in comparison to the hard types of equipment. 
  • To avoid such types of problems, you could also make use of a drill.

Use Of Tools To Make A Hole Bigger

  • When it comes to DIY, there exist many tools for enlarging the size of the holes. 
  • If you want to hole in metal, then a reamer would be a better option. 
  • Hence, the tools vary according to the material in which you are drilling. 


You should always distance yourself from utilizing any automated tool for any procedure until the work is too hard. However, the strategies mentioned above are very helpful when there is a shortage of material. I hope after reading this article; all your doubts are clear regarding how to make a hole bigger without a drill.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Considered To Be The Appropriate Time Of Using A Screwdriver To Screw?

There are many situations when a screwdriver is prioritized, even if the power equipment is accessible. This is because sometimes it becomes very risky to utilize the power types of equipment if you’re operating in a wet environment or in an area where there’s a lot of water. 

How To Use A Drill Guide?

It would be a great moment to have a drill guide and get all the instructions regarding the size you want to hole. You can make use of many DIY tools to enlarge the size of the hole and your guide would also help you get your work done. 

Most importantly, you are required to be very sure where you have to make the hole. Then, using the drill guide, begin drilling the entire region, letting you drill within the size constraints.

How Can You Use A Jab Saw

If you do not have any tool with the help, you can make a big hole; only a jab saw would work at that time. Firstly, you are required to have gloves to ensure safety. Then on your safety gloves. 

Then it comes to sticking in the jab saw in the hole. After that, you are required to begin with the cutting part of the wood. You can begin with the cutting part and stop until you do not get the proper width. At last, make use of sandpaper for rubbing the edges to make them smooth.

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