How to Drill into a Brick Without a Hammer Drill?

Drilling bricks is something that we all have to do regardless of how pleasant (?) or frustrating it is. Surely, hammer drills help to a great extent. But, you can get great results even if you lack possession of one. Or you have made perfect plans to drill a shelf on weekends beforehand, but your drill suddenly decided to ditch you. Regardless of the situation, you can succeed in the small yet important task. So, let us see how to drill into brick without a hammer drill? 

How to Drill into a Brick Without a Hammer Drill?

Suppose you’re wondering how to drill into brick without a hammer drill. You can use several other drills to drill into bricks.  Even a normal drill can be used to drill bricks, and the difference is just that you will need to have harder bits. 

We all know drilling bricks is something that cannot be avoided. You will need to drill bricks to fit in a wall or remove them when you want to hang something such as a frame or a detachable drawer. Of course, having hammer drills makes things much easier, but still, you can drill bricks. Sometimes, people drill in mortar, too, but you shouldn’t. 

Tools To Drill A Brick Without A Hammer Drill

So, here you are, looking for a way to drill a brick without using a hammer drill. No, worries! We can recommend some amazing tools which work well.

  • Masonry drill – This is the easy way out.
  • Power drills – These work well too.
  • Regular drills- Well, you can use these too. The only concern is that you will need heavier bits.

Drilling Bricks 101

Still, confused about how to drill bricks without a hammer drill? Use these exact steps then:-

  •  Check if you have all the materials- You will need a safety kit, drill bits, and water.
  • Safety first  – Wear your helmet, gloves, and other accessories before starting.
  • Position drill- Now, when you’re ready to start, position the drill at the point you want to cut. Again, it will be better if you mark it beforehand. 
  • Apply pressure- Uniform and constant pressure is required here. If you don’t apply the right amount of pressure, you won’t be able to push in the drill.
  • Remove the debris – Some construction materials will come out once you create a small hole in the brick. Don’t forget to remove it before proceeding, as it can cause an unnecessary nuisance. 
  • Then, start applying pressure again. Repeat until you get your desired results. 


Drilling bricks is a common thing to do in our daily life. Hammer drills make things much easier. But will you stop thanking things if you don’t have a hammer drill? You can’t do that, right? Still need to be able to drill bricks for your needs. For example, you may want to have a painting on your wall or to mount an AC. Well, there are at least 1,000 other things for which you will need to drill bricks.

So let’s see how to drill a brick without a hammer drill? After reading this blog, you must have got some insight into it, didn’t you? But let’s see a quick recap here. You can use a normal drill, power drill, or a Dremel, or a masonry drill. All of these are ways to use and will serve your purpose.


What is the best way to drill bricks?

There isn’t any doubt that using a hammer drill is the best way to drill bricks. And if your project requires you to make bigger cuts, don’t even think about anything else and just go for it. But unfortunately, you don’t have one, and you can use the items mentioned above.

How to hang something on a wall without drilling bricks?

If you don’t want to drill and still hang things on your wall, then go for a wall hook on a brick hook. These are available easily in the market and online stores and have good strength. You can hang objects on them and hold a good amount of weight for a sustainable period. 

The part of the hook which gets attached to the sink is slightly curved, thus allowing the object to cling to it. Hence it can retain it without you worrying about the object falling. 

Plus, they are adhesive-free, so you shouldn’t worry about your home decor too.

Can you screw directly into the brick, or should you screw in the mortar?

Usually, using a masonry drill is recommended while using drilling bricks. However, it is not a wise idea to drill directly into bricks. And as for the mortar, you should not drill because it provides strength.

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