How to Cut Gemstone with a Dremel?

Have you ever been awe-stricken by the shine of a gemstone? Bet, you must have! What if I tell you that the gems are not so lit up since the beginning? They undergo a lot of cutting and polishing. A Dremel is a perfect tool for working with jewels and gems. 

But the task isn’t as simple as it sounds. Instead, it takes a lot of precision to be able to achieve this perfectly.

Let’s see a few ways to know how this works.

How to Cut Gemstone with a Dremel?

When dealing with gemstones, one tool which comes straight to the mind is the Dremel. These are used to cut mineral gemstones, and 90% of hobbyists use Dremel’s to cut gems.

Cutting gemstones with a Dremel isn’t rocket science! First, you need to know the proper technique.

So, without any further ado, let’s get straight to the technique.

You will need to be cautious while dealing with Dremel. However, Dremel is used for various purposes like cutting pipes and so on.

Well, but before knowing how to use a Dremel to cut gemstones, you should know why the former is the best fit for your needs.

People consider a Dremel the first choice to cut their gemstones because they are a cheap and affordable option and provide exquisite finishes.

Now that you know why to use a Dremel for your needs, you should also know what requirements you should keep ready before getting your hands on a Dremel.

You will need a pair of gloves, an eye mask, and a protective air mask. Arrange these things before you start working. These are necessities as they will protect you from the gemstone dust.

Steps to Cut Gemstone with a Dremel

Now, we have all things set. So, let’s get to the final task. We will break down to you how to cut gemstones with a Dremel in these steps.

Preparatory Phase

  • Before you start cutting:
  • Set up your tool.
  • Take out your drill and add drill bits into wheel points or diamond points. You should make sure that the Dremel doesn’t shake.
  • Secure it in a collet nut. 

Performing the Stones

These gemstones will need to be performed before cutting them, and it will make 100% sure that your gems will be eye-catching after the procedure. Only excellent carvers can examine the stones by tossing and turning hands, and most even get the hang of it even after using the machine. So, don’t worry if you can’t do it in the right way on the first try.

The Cutting Part

This step requires the most patience and precision. Keeping the pace low, cut an acute angle. Now, to cut crown facets, change the angle. Take care to make the cuts precisely.


This is the final stage of grooming a diamond. You should clear even the slightest marks on your gems and then polish them with the chemical.


How to cut gemstones with a Dremel? Cutting gemstones with a Dremel is an easy task. Once you figure out the technique, you can easily do this. But, before that, you should make a few arrangements. You should make your safety kit available. Also, make the workstation clear and arranged. 

Then, set up your tools. Now, you can start cutting the gems at an angle of 45°. After that, you will have to cut crown facets. Then, you should polish the stones.


Which Dremel is the best cutting gem?

This question is hard to tackle as you need to consider many factors before buying a Dremel for your gemstones. For example, your gemstones can be soft or complex or have rough terrain, and some have creeks.

But you need to take care of these before using a Dremel.  

Dremel 4300-5/40 kit is the answer to your needs. This one is the perfect tool for making jewelry, and you can use these for polishing and designing jewelry.

It will include a rotary tool, pivot light, and 675 lawnmowers, garden tool sharpener, A550 shield rotary, 565 multipurpose cutting kit, and much more.

How to cut agate with Dremel?

To agitate with the help of Dremel, follow these steps: 

1. Move the blade slowly until you finish cutting.

2. Keep the blade straight while cutting.

3. Then, keep the stone straight and clean it.

Now, you’re done with the process.

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