How to Cut a Wooden Dowel Without a Saw?

If you’re even a little bit familiar with woodworks, you will surely know how many wooden dowels are. But, working with these offers many challenges, even though it is necessary to use them to an extent for specific projects. One of those is how to cut wooden dowel without a saw? Have you also encountered problems like these? If yes, would you like to have an easy alternative for the former?

Now, if the above part hiked up your curiosity, then you are at the right place, buddy. 

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How to Cut a Wooden Dowel Without a Saw?

So, you have been working with wood for a few months and trying to polish your skills, but you are stuck at one point or maybe 10! One of them is how to cut a wooden dowel without a saw? 

Or perhaps you just felt experimental and tried to craft furniture yourself; you started your DIY, but handling these dowels has become your worst nightmare. But, it’s a matter of pride, as in the gust of your adrenaline rush, you already told your friends that you are so skilled as a craftsman that you’re carving new furniture on your own. So now, there’s no going back!

If you can relate to any of these, then this is the place you will find all your solutions. Just stay a little longer, and step by step, you can be a skilled crafter.

If you have experience working on a wood project, you will surely know why cutting dowels is a big deal. It is so because you will need to cut dowels to make them fit your frame perfectly. If these are not in synchronization with your main piece, then there’s no benefit of using them at all!

Plus, not everybody has a saw, especially if you’re trying out new things. So, rather than worrying about what you don’t have, focus on learning something new with efficiency. Don’t let a mere tool stop you from engaging in productive work.

You can either use a knife, a drill, or an ax, and some people even use a machete for resolving this purpose. See the next column to learn about your options.

Steps to Cut a Wooden Dowel Without a SaW

There are a lot of different ways you can cut your wooden dowel. However, the most important thing is the technique and not the tool. Hence, you should solely focus on learning the proper technique.

  • Knife – This is the first option available for you to cut your dowel. Chances are you have a knife sharp enough to cut through a thin piece of wood, even if you’re doing a DIY. 
  • Ax – The ancient of the ancients! Are you still confused about how to cut a wooden dowel without a saw? Worry, no more! Just get yourself an ax, and you will be good to go! Mark the spot on your wood and angle your ace 45°. Then, apply pressure on your body and cut.
  • Chisel – This one is old too! But, having a chisel is worth it as it will help you in many of your projects. An excellent helper it is! Surely get one if you are a carpenter. Clamp the wood, set it at 20° and move it to 360° and repeat until the desired outcome.
  • Use your hands- What’s a better tool than your fantastic pair of hands? Nothing, right? So, if you think your wood is thin and you have what it takes, just chop it off with your hands.
  • Machete – This works for thin dowels only. Use it in a similar way you will use your hands. The difference is that it can work with even slightly less pressure.


How to cut a wooden dowel without a saw? Quickly, extremely easily. You can cut a wooden dowel without a saw by using a lot of tools. Either use a knife or an ax. For thinner ones, go for a machete or your hand. There are a lot of options; you can choose whichever you want.

But, you should know how to perfect your technique to get a perfectly smooth cut. And this comes only by practice and experience. So, don’t get disheartened if your first piece is a complete failure.


How to cut a dowel promptly? What can we use?

Well, the fastest way will be to use a saw. These can give the most efficient results in no time. But, being that said, you will need to have a lot of skills to make smooth cuts too quickly. But, once you master the technique, you will be a pro at it.

What is the best way to cut round wood into a dowel having fine edges?

You can use a file to cut your dowels to make them have a perfectly round edge. 

You will need to have a high-quality, decent file to be able to achieve this. Now, take the wood pieces and circularly file them to make them into a dowel. Alternatively, you can use a slanting technique too, and it will give you a perfect dowel with round edges.

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