How To Cut A 45 Degree Angle Without A Miter Saw?

A miter saw is considered a fantastic piece of equipment generally utilized to cut trim angles of 45 degrees. So it’s not shocking that miter saws are the best for cutting at a 45-degree angle. However, not every person has one of these costly power tools to make angled cuts. 

Assuming you’re searching for a fast and simple method to cut precise angles that aren’t too enormous at 45-degree points with no exceptional gear, here are ways that work extraordinarily. In this post, let’s tell you how to cut a 45-degree angle without a miter saw.

How To Cut A 45-Degree Angle Without A Miter Saw

Assuming you don’t have a miter saw, the convenient circular saw is a manual tool that is the best option for convenience and getting a precise cut at a 45-degree angle.

We will begin figuring out how to cut trim at 45 degrees without a miter saw utilizing a miter box. It is presumably the most essential and direct method that nearly everybody can follow.

#1 Put the trimmed piece of wood or some other workpiece inside the miter box with the finish facing upward. 

#2 Using the hand saw, cut precise angles making angled cuts.

#3 Cut the pieces to your desired angle according to the slits in the miter box. Even so, try to let the miter box saw take care of its business without applying an extra strain. 

#4 Remove the completed workpiece from the miter box and repeat the same process for the next one. 

It will assist you in making those precise 45-degree cut angles within no time. However, a few projects might require larger and wider workpieces that are difficult to fit in the miter box.

Safety Tips To Follow

  • You should always wear gloves to ensure safety when carrying out woodworking projects. 
  • Always ensure you do the calculation twice before using a power tool to begin sawing or a cutting line. 
  • You must properly use all the equipment following the manufacturer’s instructions as it is a delicate job.

Using A Protractor

  • First, you are required to keep the protractor on the flat surface of the workpiece carefully. 
  • Use a sharp pencil to check the 45-degree cutting point.
  • Make a miter cut imprint with a handsaw. 
  • Follow the imprint and cut until you get decent miter cuts.

Using Folded Paper Method

  • In the paper folding method, you grab one end of the paper and bring it to the upper right corner.
  • Once done, you will have a triangular shape before you. 
  • Then, keep the triangle on the workpiece. 
  • Use a pencil to mark the points and make boundaries.
  • Then, using a tape measure, tape the whole paper. 
  • Finally, you must utilize the hand saw when cutting precise angles.

Use of Compass

  • First, you are required to mark the curve with the help of a compass.
  • Put the needle in a crossing point and draw another meet. 
  • Using these two crossing points, draw a 90-degree angle. 
  • Bisect the 90-degree point to get a 45-degree angle. 
  • Erase every unwanted line and just leave the 45-degree angle point.
  • Use this as a layout to cut angles of baseboard corners or some other workpiece.


Given the above data, it is feasible to make an angular trim without having a miter saw. Furthermore, DIY hacks, as mentioned above, are fantastic as they are efficient, financially affordable, and the best in cutting precise angles. 

Nevertheless, I strongly suggest getting authentic hand tools for woodworking projects because you might run into odd problems like your miter saw can stop working. . A miter saw will assist you with saving time and doing plenty of things in a vastly improved manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Right Time To Utilize 45-Degree Angle Cuts?

It’s normal for trim pieces like crown molding or baseboard corners to be brought together at a point on partitions so this cutting method can be helpful. Then, at the same point, you will likewise require calculated cuts while working with a flooring section over a hardwood floor, as they regularly have much more extensive surfaces than conventional wood sheets.

How Do You Use a Circular Saw to Cut A 45-Degree Angle?

There are several ways to cut miter points without utilizing a miter saw. One way is to use a speed square to guide the fine-toothed blade of the circular saw, or some techniques use other tools like a hand saw and a power saw.

How Can You Cut A 45-Degree Angle by Hand?

Creating the 45-degree corners of the wood while trimming or cutting without a miter saw is a simple task. However, you should simply focus on the estimated calculation first. The more cautiously you measure your corners, the better they will be after you cut them. 

Pick the right tool when you have perfectly estimated the scrap wood measurements. You can use power tools such as table saws, circular saws, an electric miter, or a manual apparatus such as a hand saw.

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