How to Bend Wood With Water?

If you aspire to be a woodworking expert or if you are doing your home projects DIY, in both cases, you should learn this crucial ability of how to bend wood with water.

But, keep in mind that this is a challenge in itself. But, once you master this art, you can create highly pleasing pieces. So, put on your work attire and get to the table. Let’s start our learning session.

How to Bend Wood With Water?

Bending wood with water is undoubtedly a tricky task. But, on the other hand, it is achievable even if you’re a total beginner. Sure, you will need to make some extra effort, but you can easily bend wood with water once you put them in.

So, how to bend wood with water? Let me first ask you why you want to turn wood with water. This is because welding wood with moisture gives desirable results and is necessary for some complex woodworking projects.

You may think that bending wood with water is contrary to getting fast results, but it enhances sooner. Besides, it also makes your wood more pliable and durable to the weather conditions, thus, improving the strength and quality of manifolds. You can achieve this by either directly bending the wood with water or using a steam box. Plus, you should always take proper precautions while doing so regardless of the method you are using.

Alternative Ways to Bend Wood With Water

So, there might be a lot of alternative methods for bending wood with water, but as far as we are concerned, here we are going to see the two best ways to do this in detail.

  • How To Bend Wood Water Using Just Water?

To bend wood with water by just using water, you should take care of a few things beforehand. First, make sure you have a clean working environment and take your protective gear with you. Now that you’re ready, let’s jump to the steps.

1. Select the wood piece suitably – This is the first and most crucial step. Your ideal wood piece can be neither too hard nor too soft. Go for a 20 mm or slightly less than 20 mm wood block if possible.

Plus, the wood type is considerable too. Some of the recommended ones include oak, beech, hackberry, and ash.

 2. Check the moisture content– Once you figure out the type you want to work with, you should know the moisture content too. Generally, the water % should not exceed 70% at all while bending. On the other hand, wood with 10% or less moisture content cannot be adequately turned.

3. Soak the wood in water – Take a water-resistant container and soak it in water for 1-2 days and leave it alone. Using hot water can give better results, but it isn’t necessary. Along with it, start creating smooth edges.

4. Clamp the wood and let it dry – You can use bolted clamps to clamp the wood and then dry naturally. Again, do not use heat on it.

Your wood will dry in a few days, and then you can resume your woodwork.

  • How To Bend Wood By Using A Steam Box?

As done in the other method, first find the suitable piece of wood and check moisture in it. Then, follow these steps:-

 Get a steam box ready – Either DIY or buy one. After you get one, make sure to store it appropriately before starting further work. Then, let your wood sit in the box for a while.

This will not take more than 24 hours to bend your wood with water. So, once done, you can get a vital piece of wood.


Bending wood with water is something even professionals take extreme care of while doing. But how to turn wood with water. You can do it pretty quickly if you follow the steps, and you can either soak the wood directly in water or use a steam box. Either way, bending wood with water will make your wood a strong candidate. Plus, it can give highly pleasing finishes.


Does wet wood bend easier?

There isn’t enough evidence to say that wet wood bends easier. But, we can argue on one thing that wood requires enough moisture content to be able to get bent. So, it may or may not be technically wet, but it should have at least 30-40% moisture content.

After the wood is bent, it needs to be dried and cooled to achieve the best results.

Can you use boiling hot water to bend wood?

Yeah, you can use boiling hot water to bend wood. First, you should take a pot large enough to put the wood piece inside it. Next, add water to the pot. Then, put the wood inside the block and put it on a stove at the high game to heat it. Afterward, you should remove the wood from the pot.

But, take care not to spill the water on your hand, or you can get severe burns.

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