How Much Weight Can A Nail Hold On Drywall?

In our day-to-day life, you must always come across nails. No, we’re not talking about your fingernails. We are talking about the other names we use for every small thing in our house, ranging from hanging a wall clock to making a hole in a glass. The uses of nails are uncountable. And one of them is to hold weight when we turn something on a wall or shelf on top of it. 

But how much weight can a nail hold on drywall? It can hold anywhere between 10 to 50 pounds, and that’s the general range.

How Much Weight Can A Nail Hold On Drywall?

It is the inauguration ceremony of your new house. You’re all excited and cheered up. You have different items which you will need to hang onto your walls. But, how to do it. You have drywall. So, you are wondering: Will the wall be able to hold that much weight? 

A thin nail on drywall may even drop the picture frame on the ground. But, using the proper technique, you can hold up to 100 pounds. Well, but still, drywall cannot hold as much weight as a wood wall or a brick wall can. But, drywalls are much easier to use as they come in the shape of blocks.

Knowing how much weight can a nail hold on drywall is crucial. Because if we don’t know the right amount, we may end up putting much more load and hands damage our valuables, sometimes resulting in a massive catastrophe. We may not use the nails on the wall to their fullest and end up hanging much less than we could do without worrying about any losses.

The weight holding capacity of a nail depends on many different factors. 

How To Increase The Efficiency Of Nails On Drywall?

There are countless ways to do this. For example, see some of the following here:

  • Use a stud finder

You should try to mount a nail to the stud of the drywall. They offer more support which in turn makes the holding strong. Thus, the wall can hold much more weight. To find the stud of the drywall, you can use a stud finder or do it manually. 

Now, if you’re going to use a stud finder, you can do it quickly. Stud finder uses magnetic technology to find the studs in the wall. But, you can even manually look for electrical vibrations and move upwards since electrical outlets are placed at studs only.

  • Mount the nails horizontally or vertically at a 180 degree

Mounting your nails in a slanting manner can make them prone to falling. So you should try to Mount them at 180 degrees, be it horizontally or vertically. This will make them stronger as it gives them an extra edge. 

This way, you can use the nails to hold even heavier objects.

What Can You Put On The Drywall?

If you mount the drywall in the right way, you can hang many things on it. Here are a few:

  •  Coat racks
  • Mountable cabinets
  • Shelving units
  • Keyholders
  • Paintings
  • Bookcases


Nails are an essential commodity for daily use. Well, it’s like the salt in a vegetable or any other dish. As it remains unnoticed, if it is present, but if not, then the dish is tasteless. Similarly, you can’t don’t care for nails if they are present. But, how much weight can a nail hold on drywall?

They can hold anywhere from 10 to 5o pounds. You can use wall stud finders to increase the holding capacity and know the exact weight you want your hold.


Can drywall anchors hold 30-pound weight?

Yes, they can hold 30 pounds rarely. But, you should not expect every anchor to be able to keep this much weight. There are certain types of anchor-like toggler bags that can hold 30 pounds quickly. 

There are different types of anchors. For example, expansion anchors are made of plastic and used for mountain TVs, so toggle ankles are spring-loaded and used to keep heavier objects. A self-drilling anchor is either made up of nylon, plastic, or metal and is multi-purpose. Other than 20 times, we also have steel hollow wall anchors and molly wall anchors.

Depending on the type and the product, different angles can hold different amounts of weight. Generally, self-drilling anchors can carry less weight, while toggle anchors and expansion anchors can hold the most weight.

Why are drywalls so popular?

Drywall has gained popularity recently. It is because they possess many benefits. They are easy to use and can be used for hanging different items. The composition of the drywall is like a standard wall, and it is mainly made of gypsum. But the thing is, it is straightforward to mount or install. 

This world doesn’t require constant sanding and can be painted repeatedly. The drywall is water-resistant and also provides temperature and sound insulation. Plus, it is less expensive to install.

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