How Much Do 2 Cubic Feet of Mulch Weigh?

It’s that season again! We need to solve the jargon regarding mulch. Yeah, it’s scary doing those hefty calculations and still not figuring out how much mulch you will need? But, what if we take the burden from your shoulders? We will give an idea about how much two cubic feet of mulch weigh. So, you can figure out how many bags you should carry back home or how much you should get delivered.

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you know what mulch is. But, in any case, you are reading this because you are just bored and have no idea what mulch is, then wait a minute. Knowing a few gardening tips won’t hurt, and it may prove to be helpful. Isn’t it great that you will be able to show off your recently acquired knowledge? Mulch is decaying organic matter that is added to give nutrients to your trees and protect them from weed infestation.

Now, let’s get back to work!

How Much Do 2 Cubic Feet of Mulch Weigh?

Measuring how much mulch your yard will need is a pretty daunting task! Isn’t it? But, wait! You don’t need to worry when we are here to help you. How much do two cubic feet of mulch weigh? In general, two cubic feet of mulch will weigh around 45-70 pounds roughly. But, of course, this is a generic estimation and can vary considerably depending on a lot of things.

It can cover 12 sq feet. Generally, you will get a mulch bag having two cubic feet of mulch, and 2-4 will be enough for a small yard if you need to cover a few trees.

Different types of mulch will weigh slightly differently. Let us see a few here.

Wood Mulch

The average dry weight of wood mulch is 20 pounds per bag, and it generally comes in a 2 feet cubic bag. And it is recommended to install at least 2 to 4-inch thick mulch layers to make it sustainable. 

Straw Mulch

This is another organic mulch. It comes in a 2.5 feet cubic bag and weighs around 50 pounds. It is recommended to use a 1-inch deep layer at least, and it will take 1-2 bags for the same.


This one is the most fantastic mulch as it comes in 1 or 2 cubic feet bags. Compost weighs around 44-88 pounds per bag.  

Inorganic Mulch

It covers the same area as organic mulch approximately but is considerably heavier. But, the benefit is that it is much stronger and doesn’t require frequent changes and replacements. 

For example, a river rock mulch will weigh 100 pounds per cubic foot, a lava rock -32 pounds, and marble chips around 90 pounds. Egg rocks weigh around 90 pounds, too, while the shredded ones weigh 70 pounds.

Precautions To Take While Installing Mulch

Installing mulch is a crucial step for healthier plants. But, more often than not, it causes more harm than good. So, keep these things in mind before mulch season this time.

Roots- Take care of the roots. Don’t make a heavy pile of mulch just above or below the root. This makes the plant suffer as the roots don’t get proper oxygen, and thus, the plant dies.

Weed cloth – Install a red cloth before installing mulch so that you can ensure proper installation.

Remove weeds beforehand – Don’t procrastinate. Remove all the layers of weed before installing mulch to allow your plant to get the maximum out of it.

Apply intermediate layers: Applying a single layer won’t relish the benefits while applying many layers won’t help. Just use a moderate coat.


How Much Do 2 Cubic Feet of Mulch Weigh? It can weigh anywhere between 30 to 100 pounds. You can see a variety of mulch available in the market, and all weigh differently. For example, wood mulch weighs around 20 pounds while straw weighs 50, and compost 88. Similarly, inorganic mulch may weigh from 30-100 pounds.

Different plants require different amounts of mulch spread. And how much mulch you will spread can depend on a lot of things. 


What range of area will one cubic foot of mulch cover approximately cover?

One cubic foot of mulch can cover 18 feet. But, it will depend on many things like the type of mulch and the size of your yard. Plus, the vegetation in your yard too.

You should get help from a professional if you think you can’t do it all yourself. They can help you do this efficiently. And it will help you to get a more perfectly placed bed.

What should you do to make mulch more effective?

You can make mulch more effective by using these. First, clean the weed, and only then spread a mulch bed. Mulch is very crucial for your plants, so take proper care while applying it.

Plus, using a mixture of different organic mulch will give you integrated benefits. This one is especially recommended if you have additional layers of vegetation in your yard.

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