How Does JB Weld Work on Aluminum?

JB is the most suitable and affordable option for all your welding needs, at least in most cases. Speaking of aluminum, it goes well with it.

But there are many types of JB available, and different versions are suitable for different products. So, you should know what you are using. 

How does JB weld work on aluminum? Some strong types of JB are used for boat purposes. The tensile strength of JB is remarkable. Of course, it is not as good as aluminum for welding aluminum but still is a pretty competitive option.

Reliable for 50 years, JB is great for welding aluminum. 

How Does JB Work on Aluminum?

JB has an epoxy imprint. So, you should be careful while using it on aluminum. For light works, it should be a no-brainer to use JB. But it won’t be recommended for things used to carry weight, like a slack.

It works 100% for motorcycle repairing but can be risky. It can give smooth finishes but doesn’t perform well in pressure and on applying extra force.

JB can bond aluminum parts well together. It is affordable too! Welding aluminum can be an expensive deal sometimes. 

It works by bonding together two different parts similarly to aluminum but is slightly less strong than aluminum. On the other hand, it works better and has more strength than other epoxy used.

It is best for minor repairs and not so good for major ones. For repairing bikes, boats, and parts of other aluminum products, this is a good fit. You can use it to cast smaller parts too. It can work as an adhesive too.

How To Use JB On Aluminum?

You need to follow the steps to ensure that your bond is really strong. No, I am not talking about your bond with your special soulmate but the one you are welding to make. Yeah, I should be strong with your soulmate too! But let’s focus here.

  • Remove any paint, covering, or any other matter which may stick to your target parts. If your aluminum is contaminated or rusted, remove those too.
  • If it contains grease or oil, then use a suitable organic solvent to dissolve them in it so that they do not stay on the surface of the aluminum.
  • If you see the weld getting heated, proceed as fast as you can while working as heat makes it explosive in some conditions. So, avoid that situation.
  • You should let the weld standalone for a day or two to ensure perfect results.


How does JB weld work on aluminum? JB weld is good for welding aluminum. Plus, it is an affordable option. It is easy to use and takes less time too.

Despite all the benefits it provides, it cannot be used for major repairs. However, if your devices just need a few tweaks, here and there, then JB is the best.

But you should be cautious while using it. Do not attempt to do it yourself if you have no idea how welding works. And if you are still experimenting, at least read the manual or the blog.  Collect proper information and only then proceed cautiously.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does JB take to dry when welding aluminum?

It takes 4-6 hours to dry in a dark room, but it takes about 12-16 hours to dry completely. JB has moisture while it is not welded, so drying takes significant time but is still less than other products.

Leaving your epoxy overnight can be good. This will set the bond tight and strong. You should know that the composition of filler affects how long your welded parts will take to dry. But the humidity and temperature factors affect the time. Hot temperatures can help to dry it up faster. On the other hand, you should use heat and wind to speed up the process.

Which JB weld is the strongest?

You can see a lot of JB welds available in the market. And you can’t say that this one is the strongest. Different types cater to different needs.

Some of the popular ones are:

  • JB Weld 8265S Original Cold -. Weld Steel reinforced epoxy.
  • JB Weld 8267 Steelstick Steel reinforced epoxy putty stick -2 oz.

Does JB adhere well to Aluminum?

Yes, it sticks well to the surface as it is adhesive. In addition, you can easily expect it to be good as it forms a filler layer.

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