Can You Hammer In A Screw

You all would have faced this situation before too. When you wish to hang any painting or pictures of your family members, you would need a power drill or screwdriver in your hand to screw in the wall, but you are unable to do as you are not having any screwdriver. 

You become so irritated and start searching for any tool which can help, and you find a hammer. Probably you would ask yourself, “can you hammer in a screw?”. Well,  in this article, you will get an adequate answer to your question with some other relevant information.  

Can You Hammer In A Screw

The answer to your question is YES. You can make use of a hammer for setting a screw in the walls. Nonetheless, the strings of the screw generally come out of the hole you make as it would rip a large hole. And whenever you try to hang any picture, it would not stay set because it would not be fixed in the hole to provide support.

Hence, it is always advised to have a nail that is smaller in comparison to the screw. This would be considered to be the best option. After selecting the nail, now it comes to inserting the screw. But still, it is better to use suitable equipment like a power drill or screwdriver whenever feasible.

Can You Hammer In A Stripped Screw

  • There is no doubt in saying that yes, you can you a hammer in a stripped screw. It only relies on the instability of the material on which you are going to work. 
  • This can also be done by tapping the screw in the wood or the metal. Hopefully, it will work.
  • This would require a hammer to the screwdriver into the screw head. You should keep in mind that you are not required to tap with much force; provide it stability so that if there is a requirement of unscrewing, you can. 

Use A Hammer Rather Than A Drill

  • One of the nicest strategies to make a hole without drilling is to take any kind of nail. 
  • Then hammer that nail into the wall.
  • After that, pull back the nail out of the wall, and now you can utilize whatever way you have planned.

What To Do If A Screw Does Not Go In

  • People are always confused about what to do if their screws are not going inside the hole.
  • Yes, your hammer would help you in this situation. Yet, it is advised to be extremely cautious while hammering to do not damage your walls and not injure yourself.  

When Is There A Need To Hammer In A Screw

  • When your screw is stripped, and you cannot insert it with the help of a screwdriver, you would need a hammer in a screw. 
  • This is generally considered the necessary situation when there is a requirement of a hammer in a screw. 


The thing is not that you cannot utilize a hammer in a screw. You can. But there are some threats like if the hole becomes too big, the screw would not fit in the hole and would fall out of the hole again and again. 

And if, by chance, your screw fits in the hole, it would not be able to support the real weight as it is not fixed securely adequately with the help of a hammer. I hope this article helped you clear all your doubts regarding whether you hammer in a screw or not. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens If You Hammer A Screw?

Generally, what happens whenever the time comes to hammer a screw is you come outstripping the hole. If you have a large hammer, you can effortlessly drive a screw in the wood in an effective manner. But you are also required to be cautious when doing this as it can also damage the walls, and even you can hurt yourself. 

If I talk of my experience, screws are not formulated like a nail that can be hammered. As far as the shearing strength is concerned, it is not much strong of a screw compared to a nail. Commonly, a screw holds a powerful holding strength.

How Do You Nail A Screw?

If you are not having any power drill or any kind of screwdriver in your hand and you wish to hang a family picture on the wall. Do not become sad. Below is the best way which you can try and solve your problem: 

Your first step would be to search for a nail. Keep in mind that the size of the nail should be smaller in comparison to the screw. Then try to make a hole in the wall with the help of the hammer by just hammering adequately to give rise to a hole. Then you can carefully remove the nail from the wall and put the screw. Finally, you can hang your family picture on the wall. 

Is It Bad To Hammer A Screw Into A Wall?

Sometimes you can have a bad experience with hammering a screw in the wall, especially when you make a huge hole in the wall that the screw does not fit the hole and falls out from the hole. Unfortunately, this also makes you irritating.  

This could destroy your wall and could also have your money on repairing your wall and, most importantly, could waste your valuable time. Therefore, it is always advised to utilize the appropriate tools of adequate size for any task.

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