Can I Sleep In My Room After Spraying Raid? 

Your bedroom isn’t just yours! Yup, you heard it right! Your bedroom is home to many other creatures and a lot of them. Bet, you don’t want them to intrude in your personal space, do you? Absolutely not, right? So, what do you do? You apply a raid to your bedroom. But, a new question arises now. You must be wondering- Can I sleep in my room after spraying Raid? 

Can I Sleep In Room After Applying Raid?

Well, it depends! Yes, it is extremely subjective. The smell is usually a good indicator of this. If it smells odd, you probably shouldn’t sleep in your bedroom.  This can be dangerous and even life-threatening in rare cases. And NEVER enter a room if you have just sprayed Raid. 

Raid is highly toxic for children and pets, especially fish. So, if you have an aquarium, remove it before applying the intoxication to your room. 

Now, you know the potential harm Raid can cause. So, is it harmful to adult humans too? Well, it hasn’t been proven yet, but still better safe than sorry. So, it is recommended to stay away for some time.

How Harmful Is Raid?

It is a no-brainer that Raid is toxic, which is why it is used to kill microbes and pests.  But, those are its specific target. So, is Raid harmful to other organisms too? Yes, it is harmful to Pisces and invertebrates. But, along with it, pets and kids are at potential risk too. However, Raid isn’t too much of a threat to pets but can cause mild damage. And as for kids, those little organs aren’t capable enough to surpass air poisoning. 

What about adults, then? They should also keep at bay when using Raid. Why take a risk? And if you need to use the bedroom, then postpone applying Raid. Or better, apply it during the daytime.

What Alternatives of Raid Can You Use?

There are other sprays, too, which are less toxic as they contain less hazardous chemicals. See the list below:-

  • Lavender – Yes, the relaxing lavender. Well, lavender can not only be used as a massage oil but also to repel bugs away. It’s the fresh smell that refreshes us that can also keep bugs at bay.
  • Picaridin – Picaridin is a less toxic bug spray that you can use to get rid of bugs. This is because it does not have the toxic chemicals which Raid has. It doesn’t have chemicals like nitrates, sulfates, and acid anhydrides.
  • Permethrin- This one is also a type of bug spray but not as toxic as Raid. So, you can go for this too. It has mild chemicals to very long chemicals which really harm human beings or nature.
  • Tea tree oil- Alike Lavender, tea tree oil also acts as a resistance to bugs. In addition, the droplets have a very pleasant effect and are also healing in nature. So, it is a definite have in your kitchen or bedroom due to its multi-disciplinary uses.
  • Detergents – A mixture of your detergents and water can also be a good alternative to raid. Extremely good as a last-minute option, this solution is available in your kitchen.


You have been absolutely terrified by the bug infestation in your bedroom. So, you decided to apply some bug sprays. And like many others, you also probably used Raid. But, now you are wondering whether – Can I sleep in my room after applying Raid or not? 

The answer is it’s up to you in most cases, but it’s not recommended to. Raid is dangerous to humans, too, although not backed up by research. But, you should still take care.


How long should I leave my room closed after using Raid?

You should leave your room close and undisturbed for at least 15 minutes after applying a raid. It is an extremely toxic substance. Just after an application, it creates fumes that may not be visible but can proliferate your lungs and go inside the alveoli, causing huge damage, especially for children and toddlers.

Before applying, make sure to double-check that no important items are lying in the room as if you leave them, you will have to enter there, which will be a hassle and extremely bad for your health. It is recommended to leave the room closed overnight, but you can enter after a few hours if it is necessary.

Is Raid poisonous?

Raid is a bug spray and repellent. And if that makes you think that it is poisonous, then you are absolutely right. Like other bug sprays, Raid has many chemicals which are toxic when inhaled. Some can cause air poisoning by blocking the respiratory nerves and valves and distorting the oxygen supply to the body.

Just after the application, it is most dangerous. But you should also wash your hands after applying Raid, as touching your skin with droplets or fumes can cause skin diseases or rashes for sensitive skin.

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