Woodworking Info
    Information and reviews on some of the equipment in my shop.
Large Power Tools
General #350 Table Saw Review and Info
Delta 6" Jointer

Jet 15" Planer
Nice tool - this one will be with me for a long time.   

The General 350 is basically equivalent to the Delta Unisaw.  The Grizzly G1023 is a similar, less-expensive alternative.

My 6" jointer is functional, but what I would really like to upgrade to the Delta DJ-20 or cheaper Grizzly 8":

A bandsaw will be my next large tool purchase.  I am considering either the Delta or Jet 14" Models:

Shop Projects

Some shop projects that I've built including a workbench, saw rack, clamp rack and lumber rack.

Small Power Tools
I own all of these, and recommend them.  Also see the Reviews on Amazon.  

Bosch Jigsaw

Porter-Cable #557 Biscuit Joiner

Porter-Cable #690 Router and Plunge Base

Dewalt Cordless Drill

Porter-Cable Sanders

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Useful Accessories / Supplies
Bessey Clamps - the best clamp that I have ever used.

Jointer Knife Setting Jig - makes blade changes much easier.

Biscuits - much better pricing at Amazon than at your local home center (Home Depot or Lowes).  

Sandpaper for Porter-Cable 333 - these are outrageously expensive at Home Depot & Lowes.  

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Hand Tools
Some of my favorite woodworking hand tools:
  • #45 Combination Plane
  •  #46 Dado Plane
  •  #48 Tongue & Groove Plane
  •  #65 Shave
  • #358 Miter Box
Other Manufacturers 
  • Independence Tool Dovetail Saw
  • Marples Chisels

Hand-crafted Tools 
  • Plans for a Bow Saw from Paul Womak in PDF format.

Furniture Projects
Coming Soon....Some furniture projects that I've built including a computer table.

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