Stanley Bench and Block Planes

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 Marketing Booklet  from Stanley titled "Plane Facts".  Thanks to Jim Ketcheson for providing this!

 Information Sheet  from Stanley on their "Composite Blades".  Thanks to Tom Holloway for providing this!

 Instruction Sheets  from Stanley on bench planes.  Covers Bedrock planes, Bailey planes, grinding irons, honing irons, assembling the blade and setting the blade depth.

Instruction Manual  from Stanley for bench and block planes.  A pretty recent manual (c.1985) that is in English, German, French and Spanish.

 Information  from Stanley titled "The Story of the Plane".  Good information on the history of the plane.

Don't miss the Stanley Bailey Type Study from Jay Sutherland's page.  Saved from extinction by Paul Pflumm!

Of course, you should also see  Patrick's  Blood & Gore for the Bailey Planes.

#386 Jointer Gauge
 Instruction Sheet for the Stanley #386 Jointer Gauge.

Don't miss the Stanley Bedrock Plane Type Study on Bob Kaune's page.

Of course, you should also see  Patrick's  Blood & Gore for the Bedrock Planes.

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