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I have set up this site to be a source of reference information on vintage hand tools (mostly Stanley).  I hope to add more information on using the Stanley Combination Planes and Miter Boxes in the future. I would also like to add as many instruction manuals as possible to this page.
Please email me if you have any manuals, ideas, tips or techniques to share.
This web page was originally created with Netscape, but it has recently been updated with NVU, a free webpage editor.  It is best viewed in at least 800x600 resolution or higher. All external links should spawn a new browser window. I hope you find this feature useful and not annoying.

Privacy Policy.... I have a very common sense policy - basically, I do nothing to invade your privacy!  I wish other sites used the same philosophy.  I do not use "cookies" or any other technique to track or log anyone visiting this site.  Any information provided by any customers is kept strictly confidential.  It is not shared with anyone, and will never be shared with anyone.

Current Tools Used:
In no particular order, here's a partial list of some of the software & hardware tools I used to create this site.  All these tools have worked well for me & are highly recommended.
Adobe Acrobat - for creating PDF files
Dell A940 Printer/Scanner - for scanning photos & documents
Canon S230 Digital Camera - awsome little digital camera
Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird - free email and brower programs
Visioneer Paperport - software for scanning & document management - reasonably-priced, very reliable webpage host  ( http:\\ )
Fast Counter - used for counter statistics starting Dec 99 -  
(Fast Counter (bcentral) is NOT recommended anymore- it now requires Microsoft's "passport" - I strongly recommend some other counter service!)

Previous Tools Used:
Some earlier content on this site was created using the following tools.  Included here just for sentimental reasons.
Microtek E3 Scanner - for scanning photos & documents
Olympus 320L Digital Camera - for tool pictures
Kodak DC215 Digital Camera - for tool pictures (I liked the Olympus 320L digital camera much better)
Netscape Communicator - for general webpage editing

Version Information

Version 10: Dec 2005 - Freshed up some of the pages

Version 9: March 2002 - Tired of dealing with flaky free webhosting services...moved to a paid webhost.

Version 8: June 2000 - Here we go again...all pages transferred over to Fortune City.

Version 7: Oct 1999 - All pages transferred over to Xoom.

Version 6: July 1999 - New simple address:

Version 5: August 1998 - Moved PDF files from Angelfire to Xoom.

Version 4: July 1998 - Moved PDF files to free Angelfire home page to free up disk space.  Changed color & background & expanded use of tables.

Version 3: March 1998 - Changed manuals to PDF format for better printing.

Version 2: May 27, 97 - added Frames for easier navigation and other enhancements

Version 1: May 21, 97 - added Miter Box information

Version 0: May 20, 97

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